Refrigerated Transportation

The transportation industry deals with a multitude of commodities many of which are temperature sensitive. These products need specialized equipment in order to ensure their quality when they reach the customer.
LMD is able to provide our customers with the refrigerated transportation needsthey require. From food products to highly sensitive chemicals, LMD has the modern reefer fleet you need to safely and securely transport your freight.  We understand the extreme sensitivity of refrigerated goods, which is why we take every precaution when dealing with our customer’s freight. This helps give our customers peace of mind while guaranteeing their products arrive in the highest quality possible.

  • Nationwide Refrigerated Transportation.
  • Transloading of Reefer Containers at all facilities.
  • On board temperature controls allow drivers to monitor temperature on a regular basis.
  • Computer monitor helps regulate any sudden changes in temperature.
  • Customers have the capability to monitor controls from start of deliver to finish.