Technology has been an essential part of LMD since its founding in 1983. Staying technologically proficient and keeping up with the latest advancements in technology, has helped us maintain an edge over our competitors. Not only does LMD benefit from staying immersed in technology, our customers have also greatly benefitted as well.

All LMD trucks are equipped with the Fleetmatic GPS system. This system allows us to monitor our trucks 24 hours a day and has the ability to send our customers notifications on their status. For customers with high value products who worry about the safety of their freight, LMD has the ability to control all trucks from our headquarters. When a deviation from the assigned route occurs our computers are notified and we have the ability to shut down and lockup the trucks immediately. These advanced capabilities allows LMD to give assurances to customers other companies cannot.

To help manage are national fleet of trucks and warehouses, LMD utilizes two Operating Systems. Trinium is used for the management and organization of are transportation operations, while Accelos is utilized in the warehouse and distribution operations. Accelos gives our customer’s access to their inventory whether it’s located in our warehouse in Los Angeles, Seattle, or Savannah.  Both systems are fully integrated with one another, giving customers the capability to see their freights movement from the port, to the warehouse, to its final destination.