LMD Logistic Services, dedicated Professional Property Brokers capitalizes on a 30-year history as a premier transportation, distribution and management provider for domestic and international companies, providing unique global solutions.
LMD Logistics offers a comprehensive set of services from our traditional warehousing management, to over the road, intermodal, port drayage, airfreight, flatbed, and reefer services. These capabilities bring us the flexibility needed in order to provide our exceedingly diverse group of customers the services they need to transport their freight.
LMD Logistics proactively monitors our partners to ensure they adhere to the highest safety, regulatory and insurance requirements. This practice enables us to contract with only safe, qualified carriers to represent the LMD Third Party team.
Utilizing our state-of-the-art technology, we provide customers with complete visibility of all their freight that is either being warehoused or transported with LMD. By providing real time updates, our customers are able to make on time and informed decisions that increase their efficiency and productivity.