About Us

LMD Integrated Logistic Services was started in 1983 by Louis M. Diblosi Jr. with a vision to create a logistics company, which would be the standard by which the industry is measured. After 30 years of striving to be the premier logistics company, LMD continues to work diligently developing and growing the company with the same goals and values in mind.

When LMD opened its doors in 1983, it started with one warehouse in New Jersey. Since then the company has expanded with locations throughout the US and abroad. Not only has the company expanded its reach with warehousing outside the US, we have also expanded our transportation and distribution capabilities as well.

In the 30 years LMD has been in operation, we have also diversified in the commodities and materials we transport and warehouse. When LMD realized there was an inadequate number of logistics companies who handled hazardous chemicals, we learned the complexities of working with these materials in order to better service the industry. LMD has also transformed and modified our facilities to store highly sensitive food grade items, which other companies shied away from.

LMD has shown throughout its 30 years of service in the industry that it will continue to grow and expand for years to come. We have proven that we can adapt and adjust to our customers’ needs as the industry continues to evolve. Our goal has been and always will be, to provide the highest level of service to our customers, as we value their commitment to us.

Leadership & Experience

LMD Integrated Logistic Services is under the ownership and guidance of its original CEO and founder Louis M. Diblosi Jr. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, Lou is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable people in the business.

Lou’s experience and foundation in the logistics industry started from the ground up when he started driving trucks while attending college. His passion for the industry stayed with him after school, and his drive to start a company in his vision propelled him to start his own business. After starting several successful businesses in the logistics industry Lou started LMD in 1983.

Since its founding in 1983 Lou has surrounded himself with people who have a passion for the business that is parallel to his own. The CFO, COO, President, and VP of Operations have all been with the company for over 20 years creating stability, and wealth of knowledge within the company.


LMD Logistics greatest responsibility is the guarantee of safety within the company in all aspects of our business. All necessary measures are taken at all levels of the company to maintain the highest safety standards.

LMD understands that as a premier logistics provider, attaining the highest level of safety benefits our employees and customers. LMD proactively researches and practices the latest Government regulations and often times adds additional regulations that exceed the Governments.

To ensure LMD has a comprehensive understanding of all safety regulations, employees are regularly trained on the latest safety standards. This insures all employees understand their role in promoting safety in the workplace. Finally LMD is dedicated to upholding the highest set of standards in regards to safety.

LMD will continue in its pursuit in maintaining these standards and will always be proactive when it comes to the safety and well being of its employees and partners.

Why LMD?

LMD Integrated Logistics Services Inc. not only offers a vast amount of experience in several areas of logistics, we have the physical assets and resources you need to help make your company more efficient. Combine that with excellent customer service and the objective to continue to advance our capabilities, LMD is the company you need to get it done right the first time.

We continue to stay ahead of industry standards and evolve with the ever changing environment the industry generates. Technologically proficient and asset based, we combine the two measures to create outstanding results for our clients.

Finally, LMD employees have worked with the company for an average of 12 years, even as we continue to grow our staff. We believe this not only demonstrates a successful working atmosphere, but also one that will continue to help us attract the best and most knowledgeable people in the industry, as we continue to grow.


Technology has been an essential part of LMD since its founding in 1983. Staying technologically proficient and keeping up with the latest advancements in technology, has helped us maintain an edge over our competitors. Not only does LMD benefit from staying immersed in technology, our customers have also greatly benefitted as well.

All LMD trucks are equipped with the Fleetmatic GPS system. This system allows us to monitor our trucks 24 hours a day and has the ability to send our customers notifications on their status. For customers with high value products who worry about the safety of their freight, LMD has the ability to control all trucks from our headquarters. When a deviation from the assigned route occurs, our computers are notified and we have the ability to shut down and lockup the trucks immediately. These advanced capabilities allows LMD to give assurances to customers that other companies cannot.

To help manage our national fleet of trucks and warehouses, LMD utilizes two Operating Systems. Trinium is used for the management and organization of are transportation operations, while Accelos is utilized in the warehouse and distribution operations. Accelos gives our customer’s access to their inventory whether it’s located in our warehouse in Los Angeles, Seattle, or Savannah. Both systems are fully integrated with one another, giving customers the capability to see their freights movement from the port, to the warehouse, to its final destination.